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Some of Mikes Copies in Oil and Airbrush.

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60ft x 15ft P.V.C airbrush display for the U.S.A.

This painting was stuck on a ceiling


Airbrush Display of Margo Hemingway

My copy of Norman Rockwell's "April Fool "

My copy of "The Village Wedding" 5ft x 3ft

My copy of Norman Rockwell's "Tom Sawyer"


My copy of Rockwell's "4 Freedoms "


My Copy of Rockwell's "4 Freedoms 2"

Me and my Copy of Rockwell's "SAYING GRACE"

This Copy was shown to Molly Rockwell and she said it was the Finest copy she had ever seen of her husbands work.

I painted this Rockwell Picture on the Wall of an upmarket Fish and Chip Shop.

This is my Copy of Rockwell's "Tattooist"

My Copy of Rockwell's " Jester."


A nice study  I did of Prince Charles.

The Franzetta copy I painted on my Wall in London.


My copy of "The Scots Greys'

painted on Waterloo Station


This is a Hand Painted Walldrobe

My Copy of Norman Rockwell's "The Boxer"

My Life before Cartoons ( Been there - Done it ) Happier more now - than ever.


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