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Amuzing Thai Cartoons Online Shop is OPEN.

( All monies made from Designs / Logos / Book Covers and Newspapers go to Pattaya Orphanage and other Charities.)

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If you are a Fan of Mikes work, here is your chance to buy his latest Book.



                                                              Cartoonist to 'THE PATTAYA MAIL' for the last 15 Years









To order this Cartoon Book please select your country

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Price includes Book & Postage:

Thailand 210 Baht

Rest of Asia 250 Baht

Europe & Australia 335 Baht

America 380 Baht




Cartoon Book incl. Postage

                      10  PORTRAIT POSTCARDS - ORDER NUMBER 105





4 Pounds 99 pence.

Including Postage





4 Pounds 99 pence.

Including Postage.




                Here are some of my 50 E-Book Collection.

           Check out WWW.BANGKOKBOOKS.COM for my other 12 E-Books.

These cartoon books by Mike Baird “The Pattaya Mail Cartoonist” are based on truth and everyone who laughs at the drawings should also remember that (they are based on truth)


This Cartoonist must have spent a lot of time watching what goes on in Pattaya, but what he shows can be seen in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai, anywhere there is interaction between some Thai women (and some Katoys) and many many lonely and married European males - in fact – Life in general .


The Books are Funny but you have to realize that Mike Baird is being very satirical..


Mike Baird is a man who can see the humour in all our lives in this fun town.


His first Cartoon Book was called “Amuzingthaicartoons” printed in Sepia - 10 years ago.


His second Cartoon Book was called “Falangs in Thailand” meaning ‘Foreigners in Thailand’

Printed in Full Colour showing some of the amuzing situations they got themselves into.


Then his latest Book is called “Mike Baird`s Cartoons” is printed in Black and White showing more of his

2500 Thai related Cartoons.


He uses a character in his drawings that looks like him - showing people that he can make fun of himself as well as everybody else.


Behind the fun - Mike is Warning People in Cartoon Format some of the Pitfalls you might come across travelling to an unknown country - and what to look out for.


Over One Million Baht has been donated to THE PATTAYA ORPHANAGE

 from the sale of these

Silly Cartoons.


He has 12 E-Books on sale at www.Booksmango.com

He has his own collection consists of 40 E-Books

He has his own private collection of all his E-Books printed out in Hard Book Format.

He has all his original Drawings on A4.

Plus he has saved them all in Jpg and Tiff.


He also has 20 Saucy postcards.

Plus he has a huge collection of saucy Birthday cards/greeting cards/banners and framed cartoons.


Mike has always like the Saucy English Seaside Postcard of Years gone by, like thousands of other people - but in these days of P.C. ‘they’ are sucking the life out of Fun and Pubs and Family Life – People aren’t allowed to smile and laugh at Fat People – Thin People – Small People – Tall People - Red – Yellow – Blue – Orange People.   (Only Perfect People)


The World has gone nuts.


 Mikes is Fat – Bald – Short – Bearded – Deaf and Bandy.

 So it’s O.K. to draw himself – maybe not – he might offend himself.


Mike also has placed five really nice maps online at http://www.pattayabarguide.com.


The First BAR MAP he did 15 years ago has some especially attractive features to it - Mike categorizes them into one of three categories: Outdoor Bars, Go-Go Bars, and "Hassle Free Bars.” That last means just what it says: you can go there and not be harangued, especially nice for couples.

He identifies 20 Outdoor Bars, 60 Go-Go Bars, and 20 Hassle Free Bars, (100 Bars.)


The second one is a 100 Restaurants Map and the third is a 100 Hotels Map.


He has also drawn a DARKSIDE Map which shows people in Pattaya what goes on over the other side of The Sukhumvit Road.


Years ago there was nothing – Now it has 65 Bars.


Also there is a small area of Bars hidden away from the Tourists called Soi L.K.Metro.


It’s a great place for Expats as it has a mixture of Restaurants and 13 Go-Go Bars.


His last ‘New Pattaya Map’ has 90 Go-Go Bars on it – Perfect for newcomers to town.


As noted in the opening of this story, Mike is a cartoonist, and he includes some of his truly funny work into the map website above.


He also has his cartoons on a separate website, www.amuzingthaicartoons.com  for those of you who are not here but like his humour. (As far as not being here, THAT'S easy to remedy!) just click on above.


He changes his cartoons every two weeks.


All the Maps and the Cartoons are offered for free but are copyrighted.


Mike Baird's past life as an Airbrush Artist and Oil Paint Artist can be seen at his other website




Mike also has a FACEBOOK SITE for all those people who loved the OLD SEASIDE NAUGHTY/SAUCY CARTOONS

To join send him your Email address and your FACEBOOK name.








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